How to get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

These recycled vouchers can be pretty useful.

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Like in any gacha game, Tower of Fantasy is filled with a wide range of different currencies for you to collect and spend. Many of these can be acquired in ways you would expect, like defeating enemies or looting chests found around the open world. Others, though, can only be gained through more unconventional means. In the case of Overclocking Chips, this means you’ll only be able to pick them up by spending a different type of currency in the game’s shop.

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Where to get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

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You can get Overclocking Chips by using Special Vouchers to buy Special Matrix Orders. You will receive one for each Special Voucher you spend, regardless of what you receive in the pull. This is a nice way to pick up a few of your preferred rewards for the Special Vouchers you spend, since the things you can purchase with them are guaranteed, instead of being random pulls. Note that because Overclocking Chips are tied to limited time events, they won’t remain in your inventory indefinitely. Instead, they will be replaced with standard Base Chips when the event timer runs out.

Where to use Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

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You can use Overclocking Chips to purchase items at the Limited Store. These items tend to be pricey, with Matrices usually going for 80 Overclocking Chips apiece. So far, the items in the shop have invariably been the SSR Matrices that go with the limited time event, although there’s a small chance other items could be added in the future. Unlike with Base Chips, however, you can’t use these to purchase upgrade materials or sell them outright. You can, however, wait for them to turn into Base Chips at the end of the event and use them as you would normally.