How to get Ovibos milk in Final Fantasy XIV

A delicious milk for several cooking recipes.

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The many resources you find in Final Fantasy XIV are incredibly useful to level up your Disciple of Hand professions. However, when you’re looking to complete specific Leve quests, you’ll need to be on the lookout for Ovibos Milk, a resource you can find in the Endwalker expansion. In this guide, we will cover how to get Ovibos Milk in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are several ways you can obtain this resource. The first way is to eliminate Ovibos that you find in Garlemald. You can find these creatures wandering around at coordinates (X:17, Y:30). However, even if you take them out and loot the resource, there’s no chance for a high-quality version. So instead, you’ll receive two Ovibos Milk, rather than one or a high-quality version.

The next alternative is to visit the Garlemald Gemstone Trader in Camp Broken Glass. You can find them at coordinates (X:12.9, Y:30.1). They’ll exchange you an Ovibos Milk for two Bicolor Gemstones. You’ll need to farm Bicolor Gemstones by completing the many FATEs available throughout the Endwalker region.

The final way you can acquire Ovibos Milk is by buying it directly from the marketboard from the other players using Gil. The price may vary depending on your server and other players’ demand for it.