How to get past a Meat Vortex in Journey to the Savage Planet

Sometimes you have to be cruel if you want to progress.

Journey to the Savage Planet

The Meat Vortex is a scary looking plant in Journey to the Savage Planet. They act as a door, blocking your progress as you try to move through the game. At first, they can be a little confusing. They don’t take any damage from your weapons, and you can’t jump over them. To get past these carnivorous creatures, you are going to need a distraction. 

Seeing as they like to snack on some meat, it’s time to use one of those cute little Pufferbirds you have been kicking as a free meal to distract the Meat Vortex and let you past. To do this, you will need some Bait. You can find this in containers all over the game and can carry three of them at a time when you start.

Meat Vortex

Throw the bait so that it lands in front of the meat vortex, and the Pufferbird will wander over to eat it. The Meat Vortex should suck it in, but there is a way you can help the process along if the bait is too far from the plant.

When the bird is in place, line it up with the spinning mouth of the Meat Vortex and then kick it straight into the hungry maw. Now that the Meat Vortex has had a snack, it doesn’t need to have it’s thorny tendrils out anymore, and you will be able to get past it to your destination. 

And there you go, a particularly cruel and heartless way to get past the Meat Vortex obstacle.