How to get Phasic Cells in Operation Orphix Venom in Warframe

Grinding time.

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Phasic Cells are a new resource that was introduced to Warframe for Operation Orphix Venom. You can earn these by killing Orphix in the new event missions. Each Oprhix is worth points, and the more points you earn in the mission, the more Orphix Cells you will get from that mission.

There are three different mission types:

  • Operation: Orphix Venom
  • Operation: Orphix Venom – Advanced
  • Operation: Orphix Venom – Endurance

Endurance, the most difficult level of the event, will reward the greatest amount of Phasic Cells. We are not sure of the exact conversion rates of points to Phasic Cells at the moment but we are working on it.

How to start Operation Orphix Venom

You can start the Operation in the Navigation screen. Just click on the Alerts tab, then the first Orphix Venom section to start the first mission. You will need to work with other players to take out the Sentient threat.

Each Orphix will be marked by a white waypoint and will spawn Orphix Resonators that are marked by red waypoints. You need to destroy these Resonators to get a damage phase against the Orphix. Go through enough damage phases and you can kill it completely, then a new one will spawn somewhere on the map.

This guide is under construction.