How to get Pokémon Go Safari Zone Tickets – 2021

Grab your tickets fast.

Image via Pokémon Go YouTube Channel

The Pokémon Go event, Safari Zone, is going in a different direction moving forward. To accommodate players who won’t travel to specific cities to attend these events, you can still buy a ticket and participate in the event without leaving your hometown. The Safari Zone cities will still be happening, and if players can attend, great, but it’s not going to be a requirement. To prepare for the upcoming Safari Zone events, here’s where you need to go to purchase Pokémon Go Safari Zone tickets for the 2021 events.

From what we can tell, no additional tickets were added to this event from when they were initially offered in 2020. So if you still had a ticket for these events, you’ll be able to participate in them. You can choose to do that in person or virtually. However, if you’re trying to purchase these tickets, it looks like none of them are available, and no tickets have been added by Niantic at this time.

Three Safari Zone events are happening in 2021. You can participate in the Liverpool, Philadelphia, and the St. Louis ones, each with a different date. You’ll have to visit a specific website to buy tickets for each one. The Liverpool event will be happening from October 15 to 17, the Philadelphia event will be from October 29 to 31, and the St. Louis event will be from November 12 to 14.

If you plan to attend any of these events in person, you will perform an event check-in and RSVP your spot. This way, Niantic can gain a rough estimate of how many people are planning to show up for the event, giving them an idea of how they need to prepare for that, and inform the local city about this information.

While you cannot buy a Safari Zone ticket, if you were able to do this, you’d need to go to the Pokémon Go application, click the ‘Poké Ball’ menu while you’re on the map, and then tap the ‘events’ tab. A list of all the Safari Zones will be available, allowing you to purchase a ticket for the event. In addition, you’ll have the option to purchase tickets for yourself and other players. Some tickets might be offered a ticket drawing, which you will need to enter. They will be offered a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can learn more about how tickets work and how you can enter a ticket drawing on the Pokémon Go Help Center website.

If the Safari Tickets for this round turn out to be a success, similar to Pokémon Go Fest 2020, we can expect additional Safari Zones to work like this in the future, making it easier for worldwide players to participate in these events.