How to get Primary Kitguns in Warframe

We can finally custom build Primary weapons.


Deadlock Protocol introduced Primary Kitguns to Warframe, so players can now build their very own custom primary weapons. This is great news, as Kitguns tend to be pretty powerful, and there are bound to be some OP combos to be made.

To get the parts, you will need to visit Rude Zudd at Fortuna. You will find her on the right-hand side of the main concourse. Interact with her, then click on the small “Primary Grips” icon at the top of her menu.

The Primary Grips can be combined with the preexisting Kitgun components to create a Primary Kitgun, and all the components can be bought from Rude Zude with Standing. Standing is earned by completing Bounties for Eudico, or though conserving animals out on the Orb Vallis, or you can every by debts from other NPCs and trade them in for Standing.

You will then need to build the three components that you want ( a Grip, Loader, and Chamber) then bring them back to Rude Zudd who will put them all together for you. After that, you will need to level the weapon to 30, then if you are happy with it you can Gild it, which will bring to its maximum possible stats.

Brash (Grip) 

Hold tight and unleash hell. Increased range for beam weapons; increased rate-of-fire for non-beam weapons. Reduced damage.

Cost – 1000 Standing

Shrewd (Grip) 

Trades lower Damage for faster Fire Rate and more controlled Recoil.

Cost – 1000 Standing


Steadyslam (Grip) 

The weapon grip of the measured killer. Slower Fire Rate and lower Range for Beam Weapons. High Damage with Recoil to match.

Cost – 2000 Standing

Tremor (Grip) 

High Damage with Recoil to match. Slower Fire Rate.

Cost – 2000 Standing