How to Get Proof of Times Past in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC

It’s not an easy task.

Kingdom Hearts 3’s ReMind DLC adds plenty of new content to the game, ideal for die-hard fans of the series looking to extend their stay in the latest edition of the Disney and Square Enix crossover adventure. The main game is great, so if you enjoyed the game, the ReMind DLC is worth your time.

However, just before the release of the new content, Square Enix added to the game two new Key Items in the form of the ‘Proof of Promises’ and the ‘Proof of Times Past,’ both items that once obtained, you can take to the Moogle Shop in-game and exchange for incredibly rare Keyblades.

What are the ‘Proof’ items?

In a nutshell, the Proof pages are vital items that players can obtain by completing specific tasks and objectives in the game. They are typically items that require a substantial amount of effort or are particularly challenging to get.

The game uses them as a way for the player to demonstrate proof of their achievements aside from the typical Playstation trophies or Xbox achievements. Once you have completed the objective, the game will reward you with ‘Proof’ as a key item in your inventory.

With this key item, you can go and speak to the Moogle Shop, and the game will offer you an item in exchange for it. The two Proof Key items that you can exchange, as mentioned above, will grant you access to the two Keyblades that are otherwise inaccessible. With the Proof of Times Past, you can exchange it in the Moogle Shop for the Oblivion Keyblade. It’s an incredibly powerful weapon, and also allows you to access Sora’s very cool Dark form.

How to get the Proof of Times Past

The objective that requires completion is rather simple in premise, but to execute will take a player a lot of time and skill. To receive the Proof of Times Past, you must complete Kingdom Hearts 3 on the game’s hardest difficulty level, Critical Mode. 

The game on regular difficulty provides a healthy challenge. Still, in order to get the proof, you will need to rely heavily on block and dodges throughout the playthrough, doing your best to avoid taking any unnecessary damage. Considering that an average playthrough of the game can be done in about 30 hours, we would recommend that you reserve about double this amount of time to complete a playthrough on Critical Mode. Only hardcore fans need to apply.