How to get Purple Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV

Get into the endgame of crafting and gathering.

Collectable Appraiser

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Purple Scrips are the big-boy version of White Scrips. This currency can be considered the “end-game” of Gathering and Crafting classes, allowing you access to the best Materia and Gear. As such, obtaining it is a little trickier than just completing Studium Quests or turning in random objects. Here’s how to get Purple Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV.

As with any Crafting and Gathering related resource, you need to have unlocked the Collectable Appraiser at Radz-at-han (x11, y10.) Furthermore, you need to be level 90 in whatever profession you are attempting to gain Purple Scrip with.


For Gatherers, you need to have purchased at least one Tome of Folklore — there are three for each Gathering Job that cover all of the Endwalker regions. The NPC that sells these is the Splendors Vendor, located at Radz-at-han (x11, y9). Each Tome will cost you 16 Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C, which is obtainable from the Scrip Exchange NPC (x11, y9) for 100 White Scrip. In short, one Tome will cost you 1600 White Scrip, so make sure you’re turning in as many Collectables as possible.

Once you have obtained a Tome and used it, you will unlock the ability to see rare Level 90 Unspoiled Nodes. These nodes are hard to gather from, but are the only way to obtain Purple Gatherer’s Scrip, and require a minimum Collectability of 600 to receive any rewards.

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Crafters have it a little bit easier, but not by much. Instead of having to farm White Scrip, you instead can jump straight into turning in Collectables — however, the options for turning in are only Level 90 crafts, and usually require a lot of gear to meet certain thresholds to make. For example, Level 90 Armorers can turn in Rarefied Chondrite Alembics to receive anywhere from 120 to 144 Purple Scrips. This item has a minimum Craftsmanship requirement of 2805 — not insignificant in the least. You may need to purchase better gear or attach Materia to reach the minimum thresholds required.

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