How to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

You’ll need these if you want your cookies to be fashionable.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

One of the newest items introduced in Cookie Run Kingdom’s Halloween update was Rainbow Cubes. Rainbow Cubes are used to get limited-time costumes from the new costume gacha. These costumes can then be put on that designated cookie. A single draw from the costume gacha costs a player 300 Rainbow Cubes, which is a lot. For players looking to get as many costumes as possible before the Halloween event ends, there are three ways to get Rainbow Cubes in the game.

Collecting rewards from the Bear-o’-lantern

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the free ways to get Rainbow Cubes is through the Bear-o’-lantern. Every 12 hours, the structure will produce 100 Rainbow Cubes guaranteed. So, be sure to check every 12 hours to collect your reward so the Bear-o’-lantern can start producing more.

Completing the Halloween Masquerade event challenges

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another free way to get Rainbow Cubes is through the Boo! Halloween Masquerade event challenges. Click on the events button and view the tab. Here, you’ll be assigned relatively easy tasks to complete, some of which require you to produce a certain number of materials. Note that you won’t be able on multiple challenges at a time. You’ll have to complete a challenge before unlocking the next one.

Buying them from the in-game shop

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve exhausted both options, you can always buy Rainbow Cubes from the in-game shop. At the moment, there are three different packages you can purchase that contain this item. There’s the Halloween Masquerade Package, valued at $4.99. This one contains 900 Rainbow Cubes and other goodies like 1,000 Crystals and 10 Magic Cookie Cutters.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Package is another option and this one has two versions. The first version has 300 Rainbow Cubes and items that’ll get you more cookies for $9.99. Version 2 is a bit more costly at $22.99 but this package gives you 600 Rainbow Cubes and even more gacha-related items.

Lastly, there’s the Halloween Special Rainbow Cube Package. This package also has two versions. The first version will give you 1,500 Rainbow Cube and Aurora items at $11.99. Version 2 has 3,000 Rainbow Cubes and even more Aurora items for $26.99.