How to get Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal

Those will come in handy.

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Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal are the currency you will need to accumulate if you want to reforge and power up the bonus attributes of your armor and weapons. While this is not a process early players will need to worry about for a while, it is good practice to understand the whole reforging system and where you can get the needed Reforge Stones to do it. Here is how to get more Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal.

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How to get more Reforge Stones for reforging in Diablo Immortal

There are a couple of ways to get Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal. If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending money on the game, you can purchase Eternal Orbs and then use those orbs on the six families of Reforge Stones. All six cost 100 Eternal Orbs per stone and can be retrieved either from the in-game store or the Smithing Materials Vendor in Westmarch. Here are the six families:

  • Barrier Stone
  • Jolt Stone
  • Ravager Stone
  • Tremor Stone
  • Vengeance Stone
  • Wildfire Stone

If you are going through Diablo Immortal without spending anything, you will have a harder time matching up the bonus attributes from reforging, but it is possible. While you cannot earn any of the family Reforge Stones, you can get basic ones from Hilts Traders. You can purchase up to eight of them in a week for 200 Hilts each. Hilts are earned by progressing through the free battle pass.

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If you have the Eternal Orbs available, you are getting the quickest value by purchasing those stones in the shop. You can choose what area of bonus attributes you want to apply to your armor and weapons and have a much better chance to get that bonus fourth attribute to make your gear the ultimate accessory. If you purchase the normal Reforge Stone from the Hilts Trader, you have a much smaller chance of matching up your bonus attributes in the same family.