How to get Retold Tale in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Give ’em the ‘ol one-two

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Retold Tale is a Void energy shotgun from Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion that has been reissued into the Season of the Chosen. The weapon is part of the Precision Frame archetype, granting it a very predictable recoil pattern that tends to go vertically.

Thanks to the reissue, the weapon can take advantage of some of the new perks added in from the Beyond Light expansion like Surplus and Dual Loader, making it even more powerful than it was when it first arrived in the game but also making it a little tougher to get those God Rolls.

How to get the Retold Tale

Thankfully, acquiring this weapon is pretty straightforward. Activities tied to the Dreaming City such as public events, world chests, enemy drops, and Blind Well completions can yield you this weapon as a random reward. In the case of public events, we have found that completing the heroic variant will offer the best chance for a drop. Running The Shattered Throne dungeon activity can also grant you one.

Stats and God Rolls

  • Impact – 70
  • Range – 68
  • Stability – 50
  • Handling – 41
  • Reload Speed – 47
  • Rounds Per Minute – 65
  • Magazine – 6

With the updated perk combinations, this weapon can achieve results near or on par with Felwinter’s Lie. For PvE activities, the perks to look out for are Quickdraw, Dual Loader, Demolitionist, and One-Two Punch. PvP rolls are slightly different, but you’ll want to be seeking perks like Slideshot, Snapshot Sights, and Killing Wind.

Getting this weapon with any of the perks mentioned above coupled with your preference of barrel and magazine perks, you are sure to be a formidable force on whatever battlefield you find yourself on.