Minecraft Earth – How To Get Rubies


Rubies are an important resource in Minecraft Earth. They have limited uses at the moment, but that is almost sure to expand as the development of the game progresses. Currently, they can be used to buy Buildplates in the shop, and for speeding up crafting times.

How To Get Rubies In Minecraft Earth

You can get Rubies for free by gathering materials in the world. As you walk around, you will see blocks of resources, mobs, or chests on your screen that are called Tappables. When you are within range, tap on the resources until they break. This causes the resources they contain to drop, and if you are lucky, you might just get a Ruby. Tappables seem pretty common, and the chance of getting a Ruby at the moment is actually pretty good, so it is worth doing this with every resource block that you see.

You can also purchase Rubies in the store. To do this, click on the Shop icon in the bottom right of the screen, then tap on the Rubies tab. Rubies can be purchased with real money, so make sure you are buying the pack that you want.

  • Stack of Rubies (40) – $1.99
  • Ruby Block (100 + 5 bonus) – $4.49
  • Chest of Rubies (200 + 20 bonus) – $9.99
  • Cart of Rubies (400 + 50 bonus) – $19.99
  • Trove of Rubies (800 + 150 bonus) – $39.99

The primary use of Rubies is to buy Buildplates. Buildplates allow you to build new things in the world of Minecraft Earth. Buildplates begin at 75 Rubies for the Grassy Pasture, which is 8×8, and go all the way up to 375 Rubies for the Sleep Village, which is 16×16.

Make sure you are farming for Rubies every chance you get. The more Buildplates you can purchase, the more building you can do in the game.