How to get Scatterbug Powder in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Get a little bit of powder for that TM crafting.

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Pokéfans may be surprised to find themselves rolling up the sleeves a bit to get some crafting done in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Using various materials that can be found during exploration and adventure, the hallmarks of the Pokémon franchise, players can craft TMs or even exchange them for League Points at the TM Machines located at Pokémon Centers. One needed material is Scatterbug Powder, and as its name implies, means we’ll need to search for an insect.

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Finding Scatterbug Powder

In order to get Scatterbug Powder, players are going to need to defeat or capture wild Scatterbugs. Defeating Scatterbugs belonging to another trainer will not offer the material, so finding the Pokémon in the wild is vital for gathering this resource. Players can either defeat this Pokémon in a standard, manual battle, or allow a Pokémon to roam with the player, and let the selected Pokémon auto battle Scatterbugs. Both will result in the material automatically being placed in the players bag, which can be verified on the TM Materials page of the inventory.

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Scatterbugs are found entirely in the southern province of the Paldea region, along the Poco Path up to Los Platos (East). While they may be a bit of a journey if you’re farther along the game, this means that they’re easy experience fodder for your newly caught Pokémon while you’re gathering the resource in the early game. Scatterbugs originally appeared in the sixth generation of Pokémon, and their evolution into Spewpa at level 9 can also make them a solid pick in the right Pokémon squad.

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Try keeping a Pokémon active and walking about with you during your adventures around Paldea for an easy experience buff, along with some unique materials along the way. One can never be too sure of what TM can be unlocked next, and having the materials on hand gives savvy trainers far more options when the time comes.