How to get snowshoes in Mundaun

Speed up your snow travel.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mundaun is a hand-drawn horror tale set in a little mountain town. As you trek up to the tallest peak, you’ll quickly find yourself traversing through snowy locales. Walking through these areas without proper equipment is a problem, as you’ll find yourself moving much too slowly while trying to escape the mountain’s monsters.

The game does give you a way around this through snowshoes. You’re never told you have to get these, so you might have missed them in your early forays up the mountain. Fortunately, they aren’t too tough to find.

While you can find the snowshoes in multiple places in Mundaun, the earliest place we’ve found them is just after you meet Giovanni, the painter. Behind his house, you’ll need to cross a bridge to get into the next area. Just after you cross that bridge, you can turn to your left and find a trail that leads to the bottom of a river.

Instead of following that trail, you actually want to veer right and cross the river at its highest point. Beyond that, you’ll find a small building billowing black smoke out of its chimney. Your snowshoes await inside.

It’s quite an advantageous place to pick up the snowshoes. The next area is filled with enemies that you can’t kill, so keeping them away from you is very important. The snowshoes are going to make doing so much easier.