How to get Spikey Trident in Blox Fruits

Be careful not to pierce Luffy with this.

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Spikey Trident is the weapon wielded by Charlotte Katakuri in the One Piece anime and manga, and it has become wildly popular among Blox Fruits players, especially with Dough Fruit users. The sword is extremely good for combos and has great moves for boss fights. There are two ways to get Spikey Trident in Blox Fruits, both having you defeat a boss.

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How to obtain Spikey Trident

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As mentioned, there are two ways to get this beautiful sword; one is defeating Cake Prince, and the other is defeating the Dough King. The Cake Prince only has around a 5% chance of dropping it, meaning it will take a lot of grinding if you’re going that route. On the other hand, Dough King has around a 15% chance of dropping the Spikey Trident, making it the more favorable option. However, to spawn the Dough King, you must kill 500 NPCs on Cake Island.

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Spikey Trident upgrade

Once you obtain the sword, you can also upgrade it. To do that, head to any Blacksmith in the world and tell him to upgrade it. You will need 8 Conjured Cocoa, 5 Mystic Droplets, and 25 Scrap Metal for the upgrade. Getting these materials should be easy if you know which NPCs drop them. Once you have them, upgrade your sword to get 9% increased damage.

Spikey Trident moveset

Spikey Trident has two special abilities, both with their own pros and cons. The first move is Dough Hurricane, which you can perform by pressing Z on your keyboard. When you use it, your character will lunge forward, and deal dough pokes at the enemy. The second move is Flying Trident Pull that you can do with the X key. In this move, your character will launch a stream of dough forward, and if it hits the enemy, it will pull them closer, and if it hits a wall, you will get pulled.