How to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom

Our favorite kind of jelly!

Image via Devsisters Corporation

The Star Jelly is an incredibly useful item in Cookie Run Kingdom for those looking to quickly level up their Cookies. There are different kinds of Star Jelly and how they vary from one another is by their level. The Star Jelly starts from level 1 all the way up to level 7 and depending on their level, the more EXP they will give a unit. There are multiple ways players can obtain this item in the game.

Clearing levels and completing quests

The most straightforward way of getting Star Jelly is by completing Cookie Run Kingdom’s levels and you can replay through any stage as many times as you want and still receive Star Jelly.

For quests, they’ll be given to you throughout the game. They can vary in difficulty, some are easy as building a Smithy or leveling up a Cookie to a certain level. Others will require you to complete harder levels in the game or level up a building to a certain level, which requires a lot of materials.

Collecting gifts and other free rewards

Screen by Gamepur

The game gives the player free items through a multitude of ways such as the mailbox, login bonuses, and campaign events. Another way is through the daily gift, but it’s not guaranteed. If you do manage to obtain Star Jelly through the daily gift, they’re low-leveled. However, they’re nice to get since they’re free and you don’t have to do any work for them.

Farming Cookie Houses

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cookie Houses are able to produce players level 1 Star Jelly. So, it’ll be a good idea to make multiple Cookie Houses Star Jelly so you can accumulate a good amount in a short time. The Cookie House is relatively easy to make, only costing players two Roll Cake Wood and 2000 gold to build. Leveling up the Cookie Houses will also produce more Star Jelly but over a longer production time. For example, a level 13 Cookie House will produce 191 level one Star Jelly at the end of an 8 hour period. While that may be a long time, we believe it’s worth the wait especially if you manage to get multiple Cookie Houses to that level and beyond.

Fountain of Abundance

The Fountain of Abundance generates rewards over a certain period of time and how much it makes will depend on its level. Its critical players check their Fountain of Abundance often so they can reap its rewards.

Kingdom Arena

Unlocked after completing Stage 3-1, Kingdom Arena has you go upon against another player. You’ll get rewards, such as Star Jelly, by winning battles and climbing through the various tiers. We recommend this mode once you have a strong team of Cookies.

Mileage Shop

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If you find yourself pulling for new Cookies often, this is a great option for you. You’ll earn Mileage Points by pulling Cookies who’ve already been promoted to the highest grade. Higher-level Star Jelly will be available through this shop.

Purchasing Bundles

There are bundles in the game that will give you higher-level Star Jelly at the cost of using real money. We only recommend doing this if you’re in desperate need of Star Jelly or would like to support the developer, Devsisters Corporation.