How to get Strange Coins for Starhorse in Destiny 2

They are indeed quite strange.

Image via Bungie

Now that Xur’s Dares of Eternity event is live in Destiny 2, there are a couple of resources that players need to gather up if they want to get rewards. One of those is Strange Coins that can be given to the Starhorse that can be found in the main room of Xur’s Treasure Horde.

Strange Coins can be earned via the following means:

  • Completing the Dares of Eternity activity
  • Crucible matches through the playlists
  • Strikes through the playlists
  • Gambit matches through the playlists
  • Heroic Public Events
  • Bounties

This means you can earn plenty of Strange Coins just by playing the game and working through your weekly milestones. Just jump into the playlists you like and start grinding Strange Coins to be able to grab plenty of Bounties from Starhorse.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Strange Coins can then be used to purchase an assortment of Bounties or items from Starhorse at Eternity.

  • Bounties will cost 3, 5, or 7 Strange Coins based on the rarity of the bounty.
  • Legendary Engram – 3 Strange Coins
  • 1000 Glimmer – 5 Strange Coins
  • Paraversal Haul – 7 Strange Coins
  • Treasure Key – 10 Strange Coins