How to Get The Symmetry Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2


The new exotic weapon for Destiny 2 is the Symmetry, which everyone in the game has the potential to acquire by playing in Season of Dawn. You have two methods of grabbing the Symmetry. The first is buying the Season Pass for the game for 1,000 silver, or $10, and having access to it at level 1 of the Season Pass. If you don’t buy it, you receive it at level 35 of the Season Pass. You can level this up by completing daily and weekly bounties.

To start the Symmetry Remastered quest, you need to speak to Banshee-44. You can find him immediately to the right of where you load into the Tower. Walk up to him, and he’ll give you the Symmetry Remastered quest.

After that, you need to earn progress with the Symmetry scout rifle by having it equipped to your Guardian while completing quests. These quests include Crucible and Gambit matches, Nightfalls, playlist strikes, and Sundial runs. If you don’t have the weapon equipped, they don’t count. You can track your progress by hovering over the quest icon in your quests menu or follow it on your Director.

You need to complete 400 of the previously mentioned activities with the weapon on your Guardian. It’s a straightforward exotic catalyst quest, but it will take quite a bit of time to complete.

This quest only requires you to use the weapon while playing the game, so make sure to ready to go while you’re playing to level it up.