How to get the Almighty event exclusive Seraph Wings emblem in Destiny 2

New and exclusive.

Destiny 2

The Almighty is no more in Destiny 2. After millions of Seraph Towers and completed bounties, the massive ship’s destruction slowly played out for about an hour and a half. First, lasers from assorted Warsats slowly closed in on the looming Almighty, and upon impact, they smashed it to pieces, sending it tumbling to earth.

Enough damage was done to knock the Almighty off course and stop it from smashing into the Tower. It crashed into the mountains behind the tower, sending a massive shockwave into the Tower and all who had gathered there to watch.

Whether you were in the Tower at the time or not, you can now get a new emblem called Seraph’s Wings. If you load into the tower you will find a massive rip in the structure near where Zavala stands to overlook the last city.

Tower Damage

Interact with it, and you will get the new emblem. It’s an easy get to commemorate the first live event of this type in Destiny 2. We don’t know how long the emblem will be available for but suspect it will just be there waiting for you when you next log in, no matter how long that takes.

Despite how long it took to play out, and some apparent hitches in the backend trying to get it all to work, it is impressive that Bungie managed to pull this off at all, especially with much of the team, we assume, working from home.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of events like this in Destiny 2, and Bungie can polish the process and become more ambitious in the future.