How to get the Alone at Last quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Where is it?

Image via Square Enix

You will find yourself wanting to complete various side quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake. These side quests not only provide you with valuable items and experience points, but they unlock certain parts of the game. You start receiving side quests during Chapter 3 of the game, and there’s a particular side quest called Alone at Last that you need to do a little extra work to unlock.

To unlock the quest, you need to complete all of the side quests available in Chapter 3. These side quests consist of:

  • Chadley’s Report
  • Rat Problem
  • Nuisance in the Factory
  • Lost Friends
  • On The Prowl
  • Just Flew in from the Graveyard

After you complete all of them, you can return to Cloud’s bedroom to access the Alone at Last quest and speak to Tifa to choose her outfit.

The particular reason many are looking to unlock this quest is that it allows them to choose different dresses for Tifa to wear later on in the game. If players unlock all three of her dresses, along with Cloud’s and Aerith’s, there’s a trophy for obtaining them all. If you want to obtain all of them, you need to play through the game at least once to unlock the chapter select feature. After that, go back to repeat chapter 3 to unlock the Alone at Last quest to have Tifa wear her various dresses. You need to complete the chapter for your choices to count.

Not every chapter features side quests. You can only find them in Chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14. These are a great way to do minor tasks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and receive experience points before progressing through the main story. Do as many as you can, and when you receive the option to do the chapter select feature, you can return to the start of any chapter to do the ones you missed.