How to get the Appointed Attire Coffer in Final Fantasy XIV

Earn some fancy new clothes by impressing Ameliance Leveilleur.

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Ameliance Leveilleur is one of the many custom delivery NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV. Crafters and gatherers can turn in requested items to these NPCs to earn experience, Gil, and script currencies. Each NPC also has its own satisfaction ranking that functions similar to reputation. While most custom delivery NPCs only reward the ability to customize their glamour at max satisfaction, Ameliance Leveilleur also seems to reward the Appointed Attire outfit upon earning her final satisfaction rank.

Getting the Appointed Attire through max Ameliance Leveilleur satisfaction rank

In order to achieve max satisfaction with Ameliance Leveilleur, you will need to do her custom delivery requests every week for four weeks total. You can turn in a total of six requested items to her a week, so be sure to prioritize her turn-ins over other NPCs.

You can see what Ameliance Leveilleur is requesting by either speaking with her directly or accessing her profile through the custom deliveries section of your timer log. There are options for both disciplines of the hand and land.

If you are a discipline of the hand, the items requested can be crafted with materials purchased from Synnove the apothecary in Agora at X:12.7 Y:10.3.

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Furthermore, your gathering log will tell you the location of the gathered items she requests.

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You can aim for high collectibility when making the items for a higher reward yield, but satisfaction is not affected by collectibility.

Other unique custom delivery NPC rewards

Ameliance Leveilleur is only the second custom delivery NPC out of eight to award something unique outside of the ability to glamour them. Ehll Tou also gives you a special dragon mount when you reach max satisfaction with her. She can be found in the Firmament at X:14.4 Y:12.7.

Players looking for more rewards through content will find quite a bit through the Arkasodara tribal quests, including the adorable wind-up Arkasodara minion.