How to get the Arion Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Fly through the skies.

Collecting the many mounts and minions in Final Fantasy XIV is a goal for many players. There are dozens to find, but some of them are more exclusive than others. For those eager to grab the Arion Mount, coming in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, the team at Square Enix has detailed out how players can do that well before Endwalker’s launch, which is set to happen on November 23, 2021.

The only way to acquire the Arion Mount is to purchase the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Collector’s Edition or the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Digital Collector’s Edition. Of the two options, the Endwalker Collector’s Edition comes with exclusive physical and digital items for Endwalker, and it comes with a code for the expansion. There will not be a physical CD containing the download. If you want the digital items for Endwalker, you can go with the Digital Collector’s Edition. It comes with the Arion Mount, the Death Scythe, and a Wind-Up Porom Minion.

You can choose to pre-order this edition from the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker website when they become available. There will be a small breakdown showing all of the rewards because there are three collector edition versions, with a standard version that only includes the Endwalker expansion. Make sure to pick that up if you only purchase the Endwalker Digital Collector edition, as it only includes the digital items.