How to get the Backburner legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 3

Add another weapon to your arsenal.

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Borderlands 3 is about finding the next powerful weapon to use and launch it at a horde of elite enemies. For those interested in taking on the Takedown at the Guardian Breach raid, a useful weapon to have in your kit is the Backburner. It’s a rocket launcher, so you can expect it to do plenty of fantastic damage to your enemies and take out quite a few of them.


You can obtain this weapon by taking on the Agonizer 9000. You can find it during the story mission Blood Drive. After you complete the story mission, you can find it on Pandora at the Guts of Carnivora. You need to make your way through the area and reach the large circle at its end. There, you will fight the Agonizer 9000. It only has a chance of dropping the Backburner rocket launcher, so you can expect to spend plenty of time jumping back and forth in the game, trying to get it to drop.

To increase your chances, you need to make sure you increase the Mayhem level to at least 6. If you attempt to fight the Agonizer without the Mayhem mode active, or if it’s not at least level 6, then it does not have a chance to drop. Anything about level 6 will increase your chances of having it drop, and with better stats. It’s a powerful rocket launcher that fires an energy ball that blows up into smaller ones upon impact. It has a chance of doing incendiary, radiation, shock, or corrosive element damage.

Feel free to fight the Agonizer 9000 as many times as you want for your ideal Backburner drop.