How to get the book of knowledge inside Dunwic in East Anglia in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Time to gain a little knowledge.

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The books of knowledge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla provide Eivor with new abilities, giving them access to new powers to use in combat. These can vary from ranged attacks to ones used for melee, giving Eivor even more strength than they already possessed beyond the standard Viking. There’s a book knowledge you can obtain inside of Dunwic in East Anglia, inside the heart of the fortress.

Where is the book of knowledge in Dunwic

Dunwic is a fortress, and it’s full of enemies ready to defend themselves against you. So you shouldn’t expect to walk into it without having to fight a few enemies. You can choose to spend your time sneaking inside the location or choose to go straight through the gate to battle all of the warriors ready to meet you. Either choice is acceptable. When you’re ready to use your Odin’s Sight, the book of knowledge will be inside the fortress.

The only way to get to the book of knowledge is to find a weak point to expose to get inside. There are no doors or hidden locations to get inside. The weak point you want to find is right next to the key, and you’re going to get need this later.

Getting inside Dunwic and stealing the key

Go to the top of Dunwic, and use your Odin’s Sight. You should see a key, and there will be an elite soldier protecting it. Take our the soldier, who is typically using a two-handed weapon, and then obtain the key on the table. At that same location, on the floor where the elite soldier was stationed with the key at the table, there will be a weak point on the ground you expose. Unfortunately, because it is stone, you will need to use an explosive.

In that same area are several jugs of oil. Grab one of them, bring it over to the stones, and place them down. You then want to walk a few feet away and fire an arrow to cause it to explode at a safe distance. You can now access the room below, which turns out to be a cell. At the cell wall will be a blocked off wall that you can pull away and move. There will be a door that requires a key, which is the key you obtained from above, and behind the door is your prize.

The book of knowledge is Rush & Bash, a melee ability that will have Eivor rush at their opponents, bring them to the ground, and constantly bashes at them by hitting the right and left bumpers.