How to unlock The Burning Field in Final Fantasy XIV

Prepare yourself for the hardest duties in Endwalker.

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When you reach the higher-level areas of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll want to figure out if you’re ready to tackle the harder content. It means tackling the most challenging dungeons, raids and working together with your allies to ensure you’re pulling your weight alongside one another. An excellent way to measure your strength is by visiting The Burning Field, an expansion of the Stone, Sky, Sea. Here’s what you need to know about unlocking The Burning Field in Final Fantasy XIV.

You need to complete a quest called A Place to Train. You’ll receive this quest in Radz-at-Han, at coordinates X:12.3, Y:10.7. When you reach this location, speak with a Hardy-looing Radiant, and they’ll offer you the A Place to Train quest. However, this quest is locked until you complete the final quest in the Endwalker main scenario, along with A Striking Opportunity quest. Make sure to have both of these finished before you look for The Burning Field.

The goal of A Place to Train is to prepare you for defeating a level 90 striking dummy. It’s a good way to measure if you’re ready for the high-level duties and dungeons coming to Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, along with the others that release moving forward.

Because this is likely the last thing you do after completing the Endwalker expansion, you shouldn’t have to worry about until you’ve completed the story. You don’t need this to complete any of the dungeons that you unlock as you progress through the Endwalker Main Scenario.