Destiny 2 – How To Get The Chalice Of Opulence

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has just seen the start of the Season of Opulence, and you will need to get your hands on the Chalice of Opulence as the very first thing you do. This item will allow you to obtain new armor pieces, weapons, and other rewards from the Menagerie, the new match-made six player activity in the game.

How To Start The Quest

The first thing you need to is head to Benedict 99-44 in the Tower. He has moved from his hideaway under the stairs, and is now in a new hideaway in the Annex, near the Drifter. Just tag him on your map, and the little marker will guide you there. Talk to him, and he will give you a quest from Calus.

Now, head upstairs to Ikora, and she will have a package for you containing for 690 Power blues to help you on your way. Up next, you have to head to Nessus, so head for the Director and pick The Watcher’s Grave as your destination.

Head for where you would typically find Xur, and you will see a very fancy looking barge floating nearby. Jump on the stones, then up on to the wrap and head into the barge. A new NPC will be waiting for you, so talk to Werner 99-40, and he will give you the Chalice of Opulence. It seems that Calus is handing out old, broken stock, and we need to fix it.

Repairing The Chalice of Opulence

The first step to fixing the Chalice of Opulence is to defeat Cabal on Nessus. To do this, head for the Cistern as two groups spawn there. You need to collect 10 Chalice Fragments, and they don’t seem to drop for every enemy, so kill Cabal until you receive them all.

Up next, you need to kill 25 Vex enemies with final blows. Head for Artifact’s Edge, as they are a common spawn there, and a nearby Lost Sector is full of them.

Finally, you need to head to the Conflux Lost Sector near the Cistern and kill the enemies and open the cache to get 1000 Imperials. Once you have them, you can open up the Chalice of Opulence in your Pursuits menu and purchase your first Rune.