How to get the Chekhov’s Gun achievement/trophy in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Bang, bang, bang.

House of Ashes

Image via Bandai Namco

The Chekhov’s Gun achievement and trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is awarded upon Rachel using the machine gun. This simple description doesn’t tell the whole story, though, as it is easily missable. Our guide details how to unlock it.

The trophy hunt begins in the chapter entitled The Signal. Nick, Jason, and Eric scramble to find a radio to call for help. With the radio conveniently situated in front of a temple, Salim’s commanding officer, Dar, notices them from within the temple. Regardless of whether Salim joins Dar, he’ll go out there to pick a fight, shooting at the radio in the process.

This causes the radio to emit an obnoxious sound that attracts the demons. Everyone eventually retreats into the temple. Once inside, players need to turn the generator on. Almost immediately after the power turns on, demons start flooding the room.

As Rachel, players then have the option of retreating further or staying and fighting. Choose to fight and successfully complete the QTE to unjam the machine gun in time. From here, Rachel needs to aim at and fire at multiple demons during the sequence. The Chekhov’s Gun achievement and trophy pops after eliminating all the demons.

Screenshot by Gamepur