How to get the Counter-Raider achievement and loot the Danish war camp in Age of Empires IV

It’s time to teach these raiders a lesson.

Image via Relic Entertainment

The Danes have attacked on your way to York. You may have sustained a few casualties while fending them off but they will be back. It’s time to hit’em where it hurts and take them out. Doing so will not only solidify your rule in the area, but it will also unlock the Counter-Raider achievement.

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Start the North to York mission. Your first task will be to destroy the resistance in the nearby town. March your troops over and defeat any enemies that stand in your way. Afterward, you will capture the town and gain reinforcements. Your goal will now be to build up the town a bit.

Once that is done, you will move on to the next town named Fulford. Take out the resistance here and capture the town. After that is done, you will be tasked with creating buildings, collecting gold, and reaching the next age. While that is happening, the Danes will come. After defending your new town from their attack, you will be tasked with either paying them off or taking them out at their home base.

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Head to their base which is east of Fulford. There is a path that leads directly to it. You will encounter heavy resistance at the gate. Archers are very useful here. Make sure to bring enough units to deal with the onslaught of Danes at the gate. Once they are defeated, destroy the various buildings inside the camp and be sure to loot the treasure chests that each contain 300 gold. This will get you the Counter-Raider achievement.