How to get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Play it cool with the ex-Hykros’ operative Crow.

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In the free-to-play title Tower of Fantasy, unlocking rare weapons through the Special Order Gacha system will also unlock new characters, called Simulacra. These Simulacra are divided into three rarity rankings — R, SR, and SSR. The Crow Simulacra and his twin blades called the Thunderblades are SSR rarity. This means pulling him isn’t the easiest task, but it’s still doable.

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Retrieving Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

If you find yourself seeking the well-natured Crow, you should first begin gathering as many Gold Nucleus Caches as possible. Crow is an SSR-tier Simulacra, meaning there are very low drop rates for this character. Without spending money on purchasing Red Nuclei, Gold Nucleus Caches offer the highest drop rate for this character, although it’s still possible to retrieve his weaponry with Black Nucleus Caches.

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Black Nucleus Crow pulls

Using Black Nucleus orbs with the intent of pulling an SSR is generally considered a futile endeavor. A 0.3% chance of pulling one of nine SSR weapons from the pool turns to a 0.03% chance of successfully pulling Crow on any given orb usage. Further considering a lack of Pity systems in this low banner, players won’t be able to increase their chances outside of unique events. Still, Black Nuclei will slowly add up over time as players explore Aida: no harm in crossing your fingers.

Gold Nucleus Crow pulls

There are two pity systems that come into play with the Gold Nucleus. The first system guarantees a minimum SR rarity drop every 10 pulls, while the second system guarantees an SSR drop every 80 pulls, regardless of whether an SSR was pulled while building the Pity bar. With this in mind, it is fastest for players to wait until they can turn in Gold Nuclei in groups of 10, considering the ability to skip the lengthy opening animations once per batch.

To determine Crow’s raw chance of being pulled in a Special Order, we should temporarily cast aside the Pity systems. With nine separate SSR Simulacra in the pool and a 0.75% chance of pulling an SSR weapon per Golden Nucleus, it works out to a 0.083% chance of pulling Crow on any given Gold orb usage.


Crow’s weapon of choice comes in the form of two blades that attack very quickly. This attack speed is useful for stun-locking lesser enemies, as they tend to recoil from each strike. Thunderblades have a small range of attack and have the Volt weapon type applied to them. Fully charging the weapon will allow players to paralyze their enemy for one second, and electrify them for six seconds, negating all current buffs.

The big advantage of the Thunderblades is found once they’ve been upgraded to the first star: attacking any target from behind increases the critical rate of all follow-up dual blade attacks by 40%. For larger enemies, such as dungeon bosses, this additional crit stacking can make short work of even the most high-health bosses.