How to get the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set in Genshin Impact

Boost your Anemo DMG with this new set.

Image via HoYoverse

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Genshin Impact Version 3.3 has brought a pocketful of new content to the game, including the new Genius Invokation trading card game. It has also given players the opportunity to farm for two new artifact sets, one of them being the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set. This set is designed to assist Anemo DPS characters such as Scaramouche and Xiao, empowering Anemo damage and increasing Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack DMG.

Where to find the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set

You can get the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set in the City of Gold domain. This domain is found at the Eye of the Sands location in the Sumeru desert. Here is the location of the domain:

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock this domain, we recommend doing to the teleport waypoint on the left. Here, you can head straight toward the domain by heading east. Bringing a character like Kazuha will make traversing the rock formations easier, as it can get quite bumpy on your way there.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlock this domain to get 5 Primogems, a new location to teleport to, and the ability to beat the domain to unlock the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set.

How to defeat the City of Gold domain

The City of Gold domain has a Leyline Disorder that directly buffs your Anemo units. The Leyline Disorder is as follows: “During this challenge, triggering Swirl reactions will grant all party members an Anemo DMG bonus. As such, place Anemo characters into the party to make use of the Leyline Disorder and defeat your opponents more effectively.”

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This domain is somewhat of a hassle to defeat in a fast manner. While the enemies aren’t difficult, they spawn sporadically and slowly which can stop you from clearing the domain quickly. There are a total of 8 enemies to beat in this domain, and they come in multiple waves as you defeat each enemy.

We recommend utilizing a Freeze team with an Anemo character like Venti or Kazuha. Group up the enemies using his ability and defeat all the enemies in one strike. After beating these enemies, head to the tree at the back of the domain. Activate it to receive your rewards, which will randomly drop one of two artifacts found in this domain. You will need at least 20 Resin or 1 Condensed Resin to claim your rewards.

Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set stats and effects

Here are the stats and effects for the Desert Pavilion Chronicle set:

2-Piece Bonus

Anemo DMG bonus +15%.

4-Piece Bonus

When Charged Attacks hit the opponent, the equipping character’s Normal Attack SPD will increase by 10% while Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG will increase by 40% for 15s.