How to get the Dinka Veto Classic in GTA Online

Don’t forget the pizza and soda.

The much-anticipated Cayo Perico heist update is now here in Grant Theft Auto Online. As usual, Rockstar has also included some updates in the form of vehicles, including the Dinka Veto Classic. We’ll show you how to acquire this new car.

Buying the Dinka Veto

The normal cost of the Dinka Veto classic is $895,000. You can purchase this go-kart from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos store, located on the Internet section of your in-game phone.

Claiming the Dinka Veto for free

If you log in to GTA Online between December 18 and December 20, you can get the Dinka Veto for free. This is Rockstar’s reward to all GTA Online players who completed the Heist Challenge, which saw everyone earn more than $100 billion across all heist finales from November 12 through November 18.

Driving the Dinka Veto

As this is a go-kart, don’t expect to chauffeur your friends around in the Dinka Veto. This is a solo vehicle designed for solo rides. You could always set your vehicle preferences to anyone, allowing your group to take it for a spin. But if you’re the possessive type, you can just tell them to claim or buy their own.

If you’ve ever seen a go-kart from the 1960s and 1970s, you’ll know what to expect from the Veto Classic. It tops out at around 47 mph, so keep that in mind if you’re doing any runs to Los Santos International Airport. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in acceleration and handling.

Another version of this kart, the Veto Modern, is scheduled for release in a future update for GTA Online. For now, try not to get run over in your Classic.