How to get the dragon tear in Valheim

The artisan table unlocks a new series of items and other crafting stations.

Image via Gamepur

You need to acquire several items to learn new crafting recipes in Valheim. A difficult one to obtain in the game is the dragon tear. It only drops from one enemy, but if you want to make multiple versions of some end-game crafting stations, you’ll probably need to farm the only way to obtain it.

The dragon tear drops off of Moder, the fourth Forsaken boss in Valheim. You can summon Moder by obtaining the various dragon eggs that are hidden throughout the Mountains biome. Unfortunately, these eggs are extremely heavy, weighing 200 pounds each. You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the Megingjord belt, the one you can buy from the trader, Haldor.

Unless you’re carrying nothing on your character, you won’t be able to hold two of these eggs on your character. It helps to have a friend carry these around or cultivate them at your homestead or the Moder summoning location. It takes three eggs to summon Moder, but you can place the eggs in their appropriate position, and she won’t arrive. She only shows up when you directly summon her.

After you’ve defeated her, Moder drops several of them. You can take these back to your base to make some of the best crafting table in Valheim: the Artisan table.