All vehicle types in Tower of Fantasy

These vehicles are fast and furious.

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Tower of Fantasy has various vehicle types you can unlock and use to explore its massive world. After a few story missions, you will unlock the ability to use vehicles. Vehicles differ in several ways, including how each one is unlocked and how they’re upgraded. This guide will detail all vehicle types and how to unlock them in Tower of Fantasy.

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All Vehicle Types in Tower of Fantasy

After you unlock the ability to use vehicles, you will be given new menu options that let you interact with every vehicle in your collection. Before you unlock other vehicles, it’s important to learn some fundamental rules that all vehicles follow.

  1. Wanderers can ride vehicles to explore the world quickly.
  2. Each vehicle has its own Maintenance Missions.
  3. Upon completing a set of missions, new missions will become available.
  4. Maintenance Missions refresh automatically on a daily basis.
  5. Maintenance Missions will not refresh once the vehicle level surpasses the player level.

With these core rules in mind, here are the vehicle types you can find in Tower of Fantasy.

The Falcon

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This is the default vehicle every player will unlock during the main story.


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This mount is a reward for players who pre-registered before the game’s official launch.


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You can unlock this vehicle by exploring the world and finding its parts.

Omnium Beast VII

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Similar to the Chaser, you have to explore the world and find all three of its parts.


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Following the theme of the Chaser and Omnium Beast, explore the open world and find its parts.


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Most of these vehicles follow the same rule to unlock them, and the Monocross is no different. You have to find all of its parts to add this to your collection.

Dust Wheeler

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You must reach the Grand Marshall rank in the PvP mode Apex League to earn this vehicle. If you get this rank, you will gain the vehicle when the season concludes.


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The Mechbird will be obtainable during week four of the launch celebrations event for Tower of Fantasy.

These are all the current vehicle types in Tower of Fantasy. Keep a keen eye out while you explore the world of Aida to add these vehicles to your collection.