How to get the epic Sovereign Double-barrel Shotgun schematic in Cyberpunk 2077 – Iconic weapon

It packs a mean hit.

There are iconic items hidden throughout Cyberpunk 2077. These weapons have special names attached to them, and you can craft them to create specific models that suit your playstyles. An iconic weapon you can find in Japantown is the Sovereign Double-barrel Shotgun, an epic rarity weapon. You can receive it by completing a specific NCPD task and looting a specific individual.

This is an epic weapon, so you’ll need the Grease Monkey perk to craft one.

Where to find the NCPD task for the Sovereign

The task you want to complete is the NCPD task in the heart of Japantown. You can find it on the west side of the district, between the two bridges that connect the area to Heywood and City Center.

How to get the Sovereign Double-barrel Shotgun schematic

Even if you complete the NCPD mission at this location, you only receive the Sovereign Double-barrel schematic by taking down a specific enemy. You need to locate Shinobu Imai Dragon, the one running the entire gang attacking this area. You can find them really far in the back, hanging out in a small area in the back. Shinobu will be casually relaxing at this location if you snuck into it. However, if you go in, guns blazing, he’s likely going to be attacking you with an army of his goons.

He’s a powerful character to fight, and he has plenty of enemies willing to help him out. For those trying to sneak through the area to take down everyone without force, we’d recommend going straight in guns blazing. It’s a faster tactic.

Once you take down Shinobu, you can loot the schematic off him and craft the Sovereign whenever you acquire the materials. You’ll probably need to do it multiple times to create one that suits your specific playstyle.

Sovereign Double-barrel shotgun stats

We obtained the Sovereign at level 11, so the stats could vary when you grab it. Here are all of the stats for the iconic weapon.

  • DPS: 178.8
  • 19 to 23×10 damage per hit
  • 0.83 attacks per second
  • Power: Bullets ricochet off surfaces
  • It can be crafted with one of these random stats: Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Bleeding chance, Burn chance, Poison chance, Shock chance, Bonus Ricochet damage
  • It can be created with one of these random damage types: Chemical, Electrical, Physical, or Thermal damage
  • Special perk: Reduces reload time and bullet spread and fires two rounds per shot while aiming

These are all of the crafting materials you’ll need to create the Sovereign.

  • 25 uncommon item components
  • 40 rare item components
  • 50 epic item components
  • 2 legendary item components