How to get the Eyasluna and best God Rolls in Destiny 2

The young hawk returns!

Screenshot by Gamepur

A favorite from Destiny 1 days, the legendary hand cannon Eyasluna has returned in Destiny 2 with an updated perk pool and a change in damage type. Part of the Adaptive Frame family of hand cannons, this weapon has a well-rounded grip that is reliable and sturdy. Sporting an impressive 84 in the impact stat, this hand cannon can make hits that won’t be forgotten by those on the receiving end.

Something new that this weapon comes with is its new damage type. Eyasluna now does Stasis damage instead of kinetic, allowing it to take advantage of the Tombstone perk. This new damage type pairs nicely with Stasis-based subclasses and provides some great synergy. In this guide, we will tell you how to acquire this weapon and some rolls to look out for to make it shine.

How to get

Previously this weapon was a random reward from the Crucible in D1, but now it can be acquired from partaking in the new dungeon Grasp of Avarice as a reward for defeating the final boss. In addition, upon receiving the hand cannon, any secret chest openings throughout the dungeon in future completions have a chance to reward you with an additional one.

God Rolls

Eyasluna has the potential to roll with some great perk combinations as well as sights and magazines. However, to simplify, we will focus on just the perks themselves since sights and magazines are subjective and up to your personal preference.


  • Outlaw & Killclip / Tombstone

Outlaw is always a safe bet for a reload perk, especially on hand cannons. The same can be said for Killclip, but with this weapon being able to do Stasis damage, Tombstone is a perk to try and grab for subclass synergy with its ability to turn your enemies into stasis crystals upon a precision final blow.


  • Perpetual Motion & Moving Target / Tombstone

Perpetual Motion is an excellent perk for PvP activities as it grants a bonus to stability, handling, and reload speed while you are in motion. Combining this with Moving Target to maintain reticle on target will ensure swift defeat to your enemies. Additionally, you could also use Tombstone in place of Moving Target for any PvP Stasis builds you may have.