How to get the Flower Shower emote in Final Fantasy XIV

Fill the air with flowers.

Image via Square-Enix

When you want to attend a celebration in Final Fantasy XIV, a great way to show your appreciation to those hosting the event is to shower them with flowers, sharing your joy with everyone there. The Flower Shower emote your character to conjure a handful of flowers and toss them into the air, allowing them to blow into the wind as they fall to the ground. Not only are various flower petals thrown up into the air, but as they slowly fall to the ground, there are small rays of sparkles added to the mix.

The only way you’re going to receive this emote is if you purchase it directly from the Final Fantasy XIV store. It’s only available from this location, and you have to pay using real money while logged into your account. There is no dungeon, raid, or rare drop associated with the emote. Alternatively, you can receive it from a friend, but they will have to have purchased it for you to give it to you as a gift.

The animation for the Flower Shower emote features your character cupping their hands together as they bend down and then tossing an array of colorful flowers into the air. If you were to get this emote, it’d a good way to celebrate the end of a grueling raid or as a way to congratulate someone at their wedding.