How to get the Friend Bow in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Time to scale a mountain or climb a tower.

Screengrab via Nintendo

There are a few items that are very useful and hard to come by in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, but the one most players will want to find quickly is the Friend Bow. 

Friend Bow is a special item that not only increases the chance that wild Pokémon will want to join your Rescue Team after you defeat them in a dungeon, that includes trying to recruit Shiny Pokémon too.

So for players who want to change up how they Shiny Hunt and try to recruit a few off-colored team members, the Friend Bow is a must-have. Overall, it will boost your recruitment chance by around 10 percent, which makes it a pretty worthwhile investment if you plan to try and complete the post-game. 

You won’t be able to acquire the Friend Bow during your main playthrough of the story since it is only found in the post-game, but it is relatively easy to find compared to some other items in the game.

While trying to find a “Mirage Pokémon” in a quest after you beat the game, you will be asked to enter Mt. Faraway and scale the 60 Floor dungeon. On your way up, make sure to explore the 30th floor entirely because that is the first place you can find the Friend Bow – and the only one that won’t cost you anything.

You can also climb an optional dungeon, Joyous Tower, but not only will you be reset to Level 5 when you enter the tower, but it is also an item you will have to buy at random from a Kecleon Store on your way up. If you choose to gran it this way, make sure you can afford the 5,000 PokéDollar price tag or have the necessary plan to escape the flood of Kecleon that will swarm around you if you try to steal the item.

The Friend Bow in Mt. Faraway is your best bet at getting the item quickly since it is already on your way to battle Ho-Oh, so you might as well pick it up and equip it to your Team Leader to reap the benefits of its effects.