How to get the Frozen Snowshoe in Borderlands 3

Don’t get cold feet.

Borderlands 3

The Frozen Snowshoe is a Legendary Shield in Borderlands 3 that many players try to get because of its ability to freeze enemies, and put out damage. Sliding into enemies with this shield equipped will do Cry damage based on the current shield strength. On top of that, you also get 30 percent of the damage done back as health. Finally, when enemies break the shield, it will cause a Cryo Nova to do even more damage. The Cryo damage caused by the Frozen Snowshoe will instantly freeze enemies in place.

For utility, it is still considered one of the best shields in the game. To get your hands on this shield, you will need to head to the Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite event. You can access this from the console underneath Maurice’s area. The shield can drop from the Valkyries and Wotan the Invincible, so you will need to farm both these encounters to try and get it.

The drop chance is reasonably low but does seem more common if you are playing on Mayhem difficulty. How the shield stands up against some of the newer shields added to the game is impressive. The utility offered by the instant freeze of enemies damage by the Cryo Novas, and the return of health, allows for great crowd control and sustainability, but will not be enough to allow you to forgo other sources of healing in your build.

Remember, you can run the Maliwan Blacksite event solo now, but it is not easy, as enemies can get stuck behind Wotan’s shield, giving you no way to revive yourself if you end up in a fight for your life. If you plan on running the event solo, some patience can be required.