How to get the Ghoul Saw in Warframe

The ultimate power.

In Warframe, there is one weapon so legendary that players have wanted it for years. No, not the Grakata Prime, the Ghoul Saw. The Ghoul Saw has been used by Grineer to chop and chew at the tough armor of Tenno for years now, and soon Tenno will be able to get their revenge.

During the Plague Star event, players will be able to earn the parts to build the Ghoul Saw, and the relevant Stance for the weapon by partaking in the event. The event will be live from September 8 to September 30th.

Nakak runs a Syndicate during this event called Operational Supply. You can rank up with them as you do any other Syndicate, so check in with him regularly to rank up. Nakak can be found in the center of Cetus, where he usually sells Masks. During the upcoming event, he will be selling parts to the Ghoul Saw are rewards, and you can spend Operational Supply Standing on them, then build the weapon in the Foundry.

  • Ghoul Saw Blueprint – 4000 Standing, 1500 Credits
  • Ghoul Saw Grip – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Ghoul Saw Engine – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Ghoul Saw Chassis – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits
  • Ghoul Saw Blade – 4000 Standing, 3500 Credits

This is also where you can get great rewards like the Plague Kripath and the Plague Kewar if you have enough standing. Make sure you put in enough time to grab the Ghoul Saw before the end of the event, as just like the Plague weapon parts, it is highly unlikely it will be available from another source, and the Plague Star event is quite rare.