How to get the Happy Home Network app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise

Connect with friends and family through the Happy Home Network.

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Among the new features in the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons is an app called the Happy Home Network. This app has a bunch of features that you can use while designing homes and makes the DLC better. Here’s how to obtain the app and what it does.

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First, you will need to access the DLC. When you start up the game, Tom Nook will give you a call. You will then appear at the airport where you will meet Lottie. Once the interaction is done, hop on a plane and head to your new job as a designer. Upon your arrival, Lottie will have a task for you to complete.

Complete the tasks that Lottie gives you and she will give you the Happy Home Network app. This app is used to store pictures of your completed projects. After you are given the app, you can access it to view pictures of the designs that you have created.

The other feature of the app comes much later in the DLC. After you’ve designed over 10 vacation homes and remodeled a few of the facilities, Lottie will give you an upgrade for the app. This upgrade allows you to connect to other designers and view the work they’ve done.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Open up the app and you will now have the option to press the + button to access the showroom. This feature requires an internet connection and a Nintendo Online subscription. Once you are in the showroom, you can view other designs from people all over the world. You can even follow your favorite designers so that their designs appear on your timeline.

Pressing the – button will take you to your profile. From here, you can post your home and facility designs so that other players can see them. Your Happy Home Network account code will appear at the top of your profile to share with your friends and family.