How to get the Hippo Cart mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Ride around in luxury.

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You can find a variety of mounts for your character to ride around in Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, many of these mounts require you to complete harrowing adventures or undergo lengthy trials and quest chains before they become available to your account. One of the mounts you can add to your collection is the Hippo Cart. In this guide, we will cover how to unlock the Hippo Cart mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to unlock the Hippo Cart

It all comes down to completing the Arkasodara Tribal quests. You can unlock these quests by completing the quest chains for Steppe Child and What’s in a Parent. Both of these quests become available after completing the Endwalker campaign. After you’ve done that, for Steppe Child, you can speak with Ogul at X:25.6, Y36.1 to begin this series of quests.

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Then, you’ll want to work through the What’s in a Parent quest chain, which begins by speaking with Yezahn at X:29.2, and Y:15.3, to the north of Palaka’s Stand.

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Completing Arkasodara Tribal quests

After working through those two quest chains, you can start the most important quest: Hippos Born to Run, by speaking with Kancana. You can find that at X:25.3 and Y:31.2, and here you can begin working through the Arkasodara tribal quests. You can complete three of these quests per day, granting you a reputation with this group.

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You’ll increase your reputation each day by completing these quests, eventually being able to unlock the Hippo Cart by purchasing it from the vendor. You can access all of the items available to the vendor by increasing your rank with the group up to Sworn. Each time you increase your reputation rank with the group, you receive three more quests to complete, further improving it. When you gain access to the Hippo Cart on the vendor, the item will cost you 18 Arkasodara Pana to buy, which will take a bit of time and dedication.