How to get the Honest Gillionaire title in Final Fantasy XIV

Become an Honest Gillionaire through hard work.

Image via Square Enix

Titles in Final Fantasy XIV show off your achievements, what you’ve accomplished. Among the rarest titles of them is the “Honest Gillionaire.” Not many players have this title, as it requires a ton of work and time investment with levequests. But going after Honest Gillionaire title earns you plenty of gil over time, slow and steady, possibly without ever interacting with the market board. Or you can use it to show off how rich you are.

Earn the “Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire?” achievement

As a nod to the popular game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, this achievement is more of a test of your patience than your knowledge. In the Achievements menu, scroll down to the Items category. The Currency tab has a list of achievements you can earn involving gil earned from levequests. The series of “On the Payroll” achievements leads to “Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire?”. This achievement challenges you to earn a cumulative total of 10,000,000 gil from levequests. Your reward will be the “Honest Gillionaire” title.

You can technically earn this by repeating any types of levequests, including battlecraft, tradecraft, and fieldcraft leves. We recommend not bothering with battlecraft levequests, as these take too long to complete and offer few rewards. The devs have also stopped adding battlecraft leves after level 58, making this a pain to go after at higher levels. Similarly, fieldcraft levequests also take a lot of time since you have to go out into the field, gather the items, and then return to camp or town to turn everything in.

Go after 3x turn-in crafting leves

The best way to earn this title is to spam tradecraft levequests or crafting leves. At max level, find your favorite 3x turn-in leve and repeat it every day. Or focus on these while leveling up, both for more gil and experience points. These 3x turn-in leves are the levequests that require three items upfront, with three turn-ins for a single allowance. Always turn in high-quality items for double the rewards, including more gil. The more gil you earn from your rewards, the more you contribute to your “Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire?” achievement. The system will track everything for you automatically.

For example, Culinarians might like the level 78 levequest, “A Cookie for Your Troubles,” from the Levemete NPC in the Crystarium. The NPC will ask you to turn in a total of 9 Coffee Biscuits with a single allowance. The materials are simple to make and obtain. Send your Botanist retainer out to gather Garden Beets, Upland Wheat, and Coffee Beans. Or you can go gather these yourself, confirming their locations in your gathering log. Craft the Garden Beets and Upland Wheat into Garden Beet Sugar and Upland Wheat Flour. You get 3 of these items in a single craft, so you should always have plenty of materials on-hand.

Doing these 3x turn-in leves is perfect for raking in gil over time. These are also the best use of your limited levequest allowances since you only get six allowances per real-life day. So you want to make the most of what you have. As the level cap increases, this will become easier to do, as higher-level levequests always offer more rewards. No matter what, expect an investment of at least a few months of daily crafting and turn-ins.