How to get the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement in Dubai — Hitman 3

Be wary of banana peels.

In Hitman 3, players need to take out many high-priority targets across a variety of locations. The first mission takes place in Dubai, and Agent 47 sets out to assassinate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant. Several achievements players can unlock at this level, and one of the most difficult ones is the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement. If you are looking to unlock that achievement, here is all you need to know about it.

How to get the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement

To get the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement, you need to make a target slip and fall when he is evacuating in a skydiving suit. This is quite tricky since you need to have the proper items and meet certain conditions to create this scenario. You need to have at least one banana and two Evacuation cards to get this achievement. Here is how to get each of them.

How to get a banana

There are multiple bananas available in the area. The first one is in the Meeting Room on Floor Level 0. You can spawn directly at this location, and you will find a banana lying on the table. Do note that you need to have at least Mastery Level 4 to be able to spawn there. Alternatively, you can find a banana in either of the two security rooms below, where the evacuation cards are located.

The first banana can be found in the Security Room on Level 2

How to get the evacuations cards

The evacuation cards are located in two different security rooms. The first security room is located just near the reception, on Level 2. You will find a banana in the farther end of the room, and there is a safe in the middle of the room, which you need to open to get the evacuation cards. The code for the safe is 6927. Enter the code and press Ok to get the Evacuation card. Grab the banana and head back to the Garden Area.

Disguise yourself as the Penthouse guard

The next safe is in the Security Room on Level 3. Take a sharp right and go towards the Backstage area. You will find a narrow path at the right side of the area and a door on the wall on the left. Head inside the door and climb the ladder inside. Head straight, go to the door on the left, and then take another left turn. You will see a ledge that you can vault over in front of you. Hop on to the ledge, and you will find the security room on your left. A Penthouse Guard will be sleeping inside the room, and you need to knock him out and take his disguise. There is also a banana on the table, which you can take if you hadn’t grabbed the one from the other room. Unlock the safe to get the second evacuation card.

How to initiate the evacuation process

From the Security room, head towards Level 4 and keep following the path until you see two guards talking about the evacuation procedure. You need to swipe two cards on each of the card readers to initiate the evacuation sequence. The other card reader is on the upper floor, and you can use your Instinct to find the wire, which will lead you to the second card reader. After the guards have finished talking, they will leave the area, and you need to swipe the card in the card reader.

Place the banana at this exact spot

Once that’s done, quickly go to the other card reader and swipe the evacuation card, which will initiate the evacuation sequence. Once it starts, you need to wait until the targets equip skydiving suits. They will jump off from a specific spot, so you can save your game right at this moment and follow them to know the exact location from which they will jump off. Place the banana at that exact spot using L1/LB +R1/RB + Triangle/Y. If you throw the banana, it will not act as a peel, and the target won’t slip on it. Place it at the very edge to ensure that the targets fall on the trap and not the guards. If you place it at the right spot, the target will slip, and you will get the achievement.