How to get the King Slime Crown in Final Fantasy XIV Online – Breaking Brick Mountains 2021

A hat fit for a king.

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The Final Fantasy XIV Online collaboration with Dragon Quest X returns for 2021. From October 19 to November 11, players will be able to complete several quests to defeat Golems terrorizing the world in this event. Before the end date, you’ll also want to make sure to grab a King Slime Crown to ensure you commemorate the entire occasion. It’s a limited-time item that will disappear once the event is over. In this guide, we’re going to share with you how to get the King Slime Crown in Final Fantasy XIV Online during the Breaking Brick Mountains 2021 event.

You’ll be able to buy this hat by speaking with Toughie. You can find them in Ul’dah -Steps of Nald. They will be in the southern portion of the area, at coordinates (X:8.2, Y:12.2).

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When you reach Toughie, you’ll be able to purchase the King Slime Crown. The item does not require any unique tokens. All you need to do is pay Toughie 57 Gil, and the item is yours. You’ll be able to add it to your hat collection and wear it on any adventure you plan to set out to complete. You have until November 11 to grab it from the Breaking Brick Mountains 2021 event ends.