How to get the Linkpearl emote in Final Fantasy XIV

It took this long to get this emote?

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Final Fantasy XIV has quite a few different rewards to collect, but only a select few of them are time-sensitive. When Crystalline Conflict was added to the game, PvP was redesigned and given seasonal content as well as a series of rewards to earn in every patch by partaking in it. With the start of Season Four, the third Series rewards are now available to earn. While the pinnacle reward is actually a glamour set this time, there is also an emote to earn very early on the way in the form of the /linkpearl emote.

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What Series rank to get the Etiquette – Discrete Discussions emote in Final Fantasy XIV

The /linkpearl emote comes from the Etiquette – Discrete Discussions item. This emote is a long-time coming, as it allows your character to place their fingers to their ear while listening to their Linkpearl, an emote that has been used in cutscenes since the launch of A Realm Reborn. In order to earn the Etiquette – Discrete Discussions item, players will have to reach rank five during the length of Series Three in Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP content.

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Earning ranks during a Series is not difficult provided PvP is something that you enjoy. Rank experience is earned through either competing in Crystalline Conflict or Frontlines. It does not matter whether you choose to do ranked or unranked matches. It doesn’t even matter if you win or lose. All that matters is doing the content. Winning grants you more rank experience, but every match will get you closer to rank five.

As you increase your rank during the season, the amount of experience required to reach the next rank will increase. Getting to rank five is very quick and not much of a time commitment. Series Three will last until the launch of Patch 6.4, which means there is plenty of time to reach it. In fact, it can be obtained in a few days simply by doing your Frontline roulette once a day and not even stepping foot into Crystalline Conflict.