What are the Series Malmstones in Final Fantasy XIV? Answered

Rank up character through the PvP Series in Final Fantasy XIV.

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A handful of changes have been added to Final Fantasy XIV alongside the Newfound Adventure 6.1 update. Several of these changes were for the game’s PvP, with many Jobs receiving some heavy updates throughout the game. In the background was the addition of the Series Malmstones. What are the Series Malmstones in Final Fantasy XIV? Here’s what you need to know.

You can find the Series Malmstones whenever you’re viewing your PvP Profile under the Character selection tab on the bottom right of your UI. After clicking on your PvP Profile, you can see a small tab called Series Malmstones on the upper-right section of your profile. Click it, and you’ll open up a page showing your overall Series Malmstone progress. These are all rewards you can earn as you progress through the current PvP Series.

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A PvP Series in Final Fantasy XIV will take place between major updates. For example, Final Fantasy XIV’s Series 1 launched for the Newfound Adventure 6.1 Update. The Series will continue until 6.2 arrives, which could be several months, giving everyone ample opportunities to earn the available rewards.

You can access more levels and rewards as you complete PvP matches, pitting your skills against other players on your data center.