How to get the Lost in Time achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Rachel is entombed for all eternity.

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The Lost in Time achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is linked to Rachel. To get the achievement, you must entomb her in a cocoon before the final assault. Here is how to accomplish this task.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kill Eric or don’t use the UV wand

To start things off, Eric must die. This can be done in many different ways throughout the story, such as:

  • Getting shot by Salim after he and Nick work together.
  • Falling from the cliff when Rachel is dangling from the rope.
  • Balathu or Kurum can kill him during The Assault chapter.

If killing Eric isn’t what you want to do, you can choose to have Salim run away after he and Nick work together in the Slayer chapter. This will lead to Eric not knowing about the effects of UV light on the creatures and therefore he won’t use the UV wand to save Rachel after she is infected.

Have Rachel get infected

Rachel needs to become infected by one of the creatures. Make sure to keep her alive the entire time. During The Assault chapter, Rachel will get infected by one of the creatures.

Interact with the ancient one

While progressing through The City chapter, Jason and Salim will discover either Balathu or Kurum entombed in the fluid from the cocoon. It is hard to miss them since they are on the path you need to take to progress through the chapter. Make sure to interact with them so Salim knows the effect of the fluid.

Don’t kill Rachel

When you reach the Star Chamber, Rachel will grab one of the white phosphorus rounds. Avoid using the knife so she doesn’t die. She will then be held down. Choose the options the appeal to Jason so he doesn’t kill her. After a while, Salim will mention the cocoons. Choose to have Rachel placed in a cocoon. She will be carried out and placed inside.

Kill Everyone

After Rachel is entombed in the cocoon, it is up to you to get everyone killed. This is easily done by progressing through the game until the final stand. Don’t perform any of the QTEs and everyone inside the building will die. This will result in Rachel being left in the pits alone.