How to get the Lynx of Divine Light mount in Final Fantasy XIV

You have a ways to go.

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You’re not finished with the game after completing the Main Scenario quest in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion. There are plenty more things for you to do, including earning some fantastic mounts and minions to your collection. For those looking for the Lynx of Divine Light mount, you’ll need to reach some of the most demanding content available in Endwalker. Here’s what you need to do to get the Lynx of Divine Light mount.

The Lynx of Divine Light is a special drop, and it’s challenging to try adding to your collection. Before trying to seek out the method, there are a few things we recommend you do first. First, you want to make sure your character reaches level 90 and has completed the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion.

Next, they need to unlock all of their Moonward gear, which you can obtain from the Tomestone vendor in Radz-at-Hand at coordinates (X:10.8, Y:10.4). You can earn the equipment by farming for Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, which drops off level 90 dungeons and trials. You’re going to need to a lot. After you have a complete Moonward set for your character’s Job, double-check they’ve reached an average item level of 560, but anything higher than that is highly recommended.

The final thing you need to do is speak with the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan at coordinates (X:12.7, Y:14.1). You’ll then gain access to the Extreme Trials, The Minstrel’s Ballard: Zodiark’s Fall, and The Minstrel’s Balland: Hydaelyn’s Call. There’s a chance the Lynx of Divine Light mount will drop by completing the Extreme trial of Hydaelyn’s Call. It will take you and a large group of players to complete this trial successfully, but it’s not a guaranteed drop. You’ll need to complete this task multiple times for a chance of it appearing.