How to get the Mantle of Battle Harmony Exotic in Destiny 2

Supercharge your damage.

Destiny 2

A new Exotic became available for Warlocks in the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. The Mantle of Battle Harmony comes with the Absorption Cells perk, which causes kills with an energy type that matches you subclass to give bonus Super energy.

If you already have a fully charged Super, then kills will grant additional weapon damage for that element type instead. This will be a great option for any player who likes to hold their Supers until they are needed, and the fast Super charge time from killing enemies will appeal to those who like to spam them.

How to get the Mantle of Battle Harmony

To get the Mantle of Battle Harmony, players will need to complete Master and Legend Lost Sectors. Successfully running one solo will give you a chance to get an Exotic drop.

Each day, one Master and one Legend Lost Sector will rotate across Europa, the Moon, or the Cosmodrome. These are high-level activities, requiring plenty of Power to be able to clear.

  • Legend – 1300 Power
  • Master – 1330 Power

The Lost Sectors will always drop Exotic items from a specific group, such as Exotic Chest Armor. This is the reward you are looking for to get the Mantle of Battle Harmony.

The Master and Legend Lost Sectors always have modifiers, and you cannot change your loadout after you start them, so make sure you pick the right weapons for the job. They will also have Champions, so you will need the correct mods from your Seasonal Artifact to counter those Champions.

If you check the game and neither Lost Sector is offering Exotic Chest Armor as a potential reward, you will need to wait until the next daily reset. The reward pool, active Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and modifiers will change each day.

These are extremely difficult to finish solo due to the fact that you will have a limited number of lives, so it is best to wait until you have reached the correct Power level before attempting them.