How to get the Manusya Armor set in Final Fantasy XIV

Unlock all of the Manusya Armor pieces to add to your collection.

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A variety of armor and items have become available in Final Fantasy XIV over the years. Many of these pieces are available through turning in resources to vendors, completing quests, or competing in some of the more challenging elements of content in the game. If you’re looking for Manusya Armor pieces, you’ll need to visit a specific location to have a chance for them to drop. Unfortunately, you won’t always receive the pieces you want, or your Job might not be able to wear the ones that appear. In this guide, we’re going to detail what you need to do to get the Manusya Armor set in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only way you’ll obtain the Manusya Armor set pieces is by working your way through and completing the Tower of Zot. It’s a dungeon available through the Endwalker expansion. If you do not have the Endwalker expansion, you will need to purchase it. The Tower of Zot becomes available to you as you work through the Main Scenario quest in Endwalker. Your character needs to reach level 81, and they must have an item level of 500 to qualify for the dungeon.

The next step is to loot Treasure Coffers as you progress through the dungeon. You can find a handful of them as you’re working your way through the Tower of Zot, but you’ll always receive one after defeating a boss. The more Treasure Coffers you lot, the more chances you have to receive a Manusya Armor piece that your character’s Job can wear.

All of the Manusya Armor pieces are set to item level 520.